A New Beginning

Rachel and Scott were married only a couple months before being offered the opportunity to run this little piece of paradise. The picture below shows an older evolution of the property. Originally called “The Homestead,” the property was purchased in 2014 by Scott’s grandmother – the famous “Mimi Lee” – with the hopes of giving others the same sense of peace and relaxation she had found here. The overhaul began immediately, and The Homestead slowly transformed into the beautiful Leeway Cottages that Scott and Rachel manage today.

It’s fun to see how far the property has come since just last summer. Rachel has a brilliant knack for interior design and natural décor. As soon as she arrived on site, everything started becoming the best it could be. Outdoor areas became more colorful, interior layout became more beautiful, and life became more fun.

The Next Generation

Now family-operated by the third generation, Leeway Cottages continues to be a place of total restoration. Located in the beautiful and secluded town of Wimberley, the 6 cottages along the calming Cypress Creek offer an opportunity to renew and refresh.

Rachel’s vision was to make this a place for hearts to be mended. With Leeway Cottages introducing wedding event hosting this Spring, it’s where two hearts now can now become one. The beauty of the hill country melts away the seclusion from the busyness of Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Being able to hear the babbling Cypress Creek relaxes the mind and brings families together.

  • Leeway, a place of peace
  • An opportunity for beginnings
  • A home of memories
  • For generations to come.

If you come through Leeway, either to stay or just scout it out, stop by the office on property and say hi. Rachel and Scott love to spend time on their porch with travelers, hearing and telling stories. Some of the best creation on earth was put right here in Wimberley, and they can’t wait to share it with you.

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